Help & Support is never far away
We’re here around the clock, keeping your connection performing at its best.  If your encountering an outage, please check our status page for an update. If it’s not listed, please report the issue and we’ll investigate immediately. If your suffering from another issues, such as poor speeds or an issue with the router, please see below for more details. 

Common Questions

Please use the SSID and Password on the base of the wireless router to connect a wireless device. If its a ethernet device, please connect a CAT5e cable with RJ45 connectors. The routers on-board DHCP server will issue the IP addresses automatically. 

Please call 0800 6 102 109 to rearrange your installation. Any changes within 3 business days before the installation date may be chargable. 

Please log into your account on the right side of this page. Once logged in, you will be able to view and download your invoices and make a payment via bank transfer, card or direct debit. 

There are many websites to test your speed, we recommend these (click here)

Look out for the rights on your router, The broadband light should be on and solid. If its off or flashing, your out of sync, meaning no connection to the DSLAM.Please ensure the cables or correctly seated and await connection. Please call us on 0800 6 102109 if you fail to connect. 

Issue not mentioned? Click here to raise a ticket.